Possibilities and Impossibilities in the Bible: Time-bound and Foreordained


Our awareness on things that exist teaches us two definite things: possibilities and impossibilities. Possibilities are positive. They make us think, prepare, work, and plan on expected eventualities. Impossibilities, on the other hand, are negative. They erase expectations, make us decide definitely, and worse, sometimes make us not to think anymore and dismiss everything associated with known impossibilities.

The Holy Bible, as a book written many millennia before our time, is a book that teaches us possibilities and impossibilities. A reckless reader may at once judge ignorantly that the Bible is unscientific, full of errors, fictitious, and unacceptable to the scientific mind!

There are things written in the Bible that at first glance may appear to be non-sense to one but intriguing to others. Having an evening and morning on “the first day” of creation, for example, while the sun and the moon were yet to be made on the…

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