In A Glimpse: Kuya’s Fruitful Year 2014

“I so hope that the One above never leaves me, for if you have God in your life, then you have everything.” -Bro.Daniel

A Fan Blog for Kuya Daniel Razon

The year 2014 has come to a close, but the seeds of good works planted throughout continue to sprout and grow one by one. A fruitful year full of giving and sharing and blessings to many—this is what Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon’s advocacies had made 2014.

Kuya Daniel’s numerous projects launched through UNTV were of big help to lessen various societal concerns including those regarding financial, legal, health, and transportation. By the end of the year, the Chairman and CEO of Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI) has received numerous recognitions for his untiring service to the public as well as for bringing on TV and radio shows that are sensible to both older and younger generations.

In December, Kuya Daniel was honored with a Makabata Star Award from Anak TV for being a child-friendly celebrity.

10th Anniversary of the Public Service Channel

“UNTV Big 10: Bigger…

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